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Why consider buying a new best electric lawn mower? This may be because of the issue related to the maintenance of the gas mower. The gas mower is noisy, and they are environmentally harmful because of the exhaust from the gas mower. The advancement in technology has led to the development of the electrically powered mower that can do the work of the gas mower. The size of the lawn is important in the selection of a mower. Hand pushed mower, or electric option will be suitable for a small garden. The cordless mower can be used for the medium or large yard. You could consider the utilization of an electric mower if the cord is long enough. The portability of a mower is necessary for its operation. The most powerful lawn mower is the gas mower, but they are heavier than the electric mower.

What is an Electric Lawn Mower?

The cost of electric lawn mowers may be more expensive than the gas counterparts, but you will be saving a lot of cost on gas or oil in the long run. Electric lawn mowers don’t make use of gas which makes them environmentally safe. The electric mower does not contribute harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and the environment like the gas lawn mower

The Upsides of Electric Mower

There is a lot of benefit to getting the electric mower. But all machines have their downsides, but the upsides of the electric mower are more than the downsides. Below are the advantages of using the electric lawn mower:

1. The Mower is environmentally safe
Electric lawn mowers do not use energy as the gas mower, and they are environmentally safe.

The gas lawn mower makes use of oil or gas which release harmful exhaust to the atmosphere. Electric mowers make use of electricity or a rechargeable battery and don’t release exhaust to the air which makes they safe.

3.The cost of the mower
The model of the mower determine its cost, the electric lawn mower may cost more during the purchase, but you will save on a long run on the cost of gas and oil.

4. Noise
The noise level of the electric mower is different from that of the gas option. The gas lawn mower is noisier compared to the electric mower.

The electric lawn mower is self-propelled compared to the gas lawn mower.

6. Inconveniences of Electric Mowers
The battery of the lawn mower can run out when you are performing some task in your yard. This can be frustrating if you don t have an option.

7. Conveniences of Electric Mowers
Purchasing an electric lawn mower means you won’t need to run to the gas station to makes it function, they are very easy to start and can work as long you have a long cord to connect it to the source of power.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Mower

Below are the factors to consider when you want to buy an electric lawn mower:

Corded and Cordless

This is an electric mower with a cord that can be plugged into a socket outlet. The issues with the corded electric mower the extension that may not be able to get to the area you want to cut. They are less expensive than those without a cord.

A rechargeable battery powers them. You can get a more powerful battery if you want the mower to operate at its peak. You can also buy the model that self-propelled to make your work easier. You can purchase two rechargeable batteries in case you want the electric lawn mower to operate for a long time when used.

Cutting Radius
This is what determines the time it takes a mower to mow a place. A mower will do a great job if it has a good cutting range. The price tag of a mower with a larger cutting radius is more expensive than those of lower cutting radius.

Adjustable Cutting Height
You can choose with different height when mowing the grass. This can be between 1/8” to 3.5” or more. This determines how to shut a grass will be cut. But you should not adjust the cutting height when it’s operating.

Adjustable Cutting Height

It is more expensive than the above two cribs and is small and not very spacious. So, the standard size crib mattresses may not fit well in them.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers

EGO LM2102SP Cordless Lawn Mower
This Cordless Lawn Mower also functions as the gas lawn mower. You won’t need oil or gas to operate this mower. That also means that you won’t have to deal with the harmful exhaust that comes out of the gas mowers. This can mow any form of tough grass.
Upside: You will only need to charge the battery for only 45 minutes
Downside: You won’t get enough information about the company service center.
The EGO LM2102SP Cordless Lawn Mower is a good alternative for the gas mower with fast charging battery and making it one of the best electric lawn mower.

EGO LM2102SP Cordless Lawn Mower

Kobalt 13 AMP Electric Lawn Mower
This is an excellent electric lawn mower that can be used to mow the yard. This mower can propel itself compared to the gas mower counterpart. They are a form of clean energy mower that comes with more than four years warranty from the company.
Upside: The lawnmower is designed with an automatic switching system that won’t need the lawn mower to halt during operation for power.
Downside: The 2 amperes battery runs out compared to the 4 amperes models.
The Kobalt 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower will be best for the medium size form of yards.

Kobalt 13 AMP Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Mower
This is a cordless mower that looks like a race car because of its design. They are easy to maneuver and cost effective also. This is a product of a durable polymer and one of the environmentally friendly types of lawn mower because of its low emission compared to the gas mowers. Once you have enough extendable cord, you can easily mow your yard no matter the size.

Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Mower

Top Electric Lawn Mower

RYOBI 16-Inch Top Electric Lawn Mower
This is another form of cordless mower that is lightweight and easy to use. They don’t give out dangerous emissions like the gas mowers. This can also be used to cut down the tree branch and bushes apart from the routine mowing.
Upsides: They are designed with batteries that can also be used for other Ryobi equipment that makes use of the battery.
Downside: They are not self-propelled.
The Ryobi Cordless Lawn Mower can be used for tall grasses and weeds, and also designed with battery; you will be able to use on other devices made from Ryobi

RYOBI 16-Inch Top Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 60420 Cordless Lawn Mower
They are a cordless form of mower that is designed with lithium batteries. The battery can last for more than 50 minutes before you will need to recharge them. And will only need to recharge them for about 2 hours. You can check the status of the battery from the indicator on the mower.
Pros: They are designed with two rechargeable lithium batteries
Cons: You may have difficulties in maneuvering the mower since it’s not self-propelled
The Earthwise Electric is a good mower also but can be hard to move about.

Earthwise 60420 Cordless Lawn Mower


You need to run the electric lawn mower in a very safe way. Below are few tips to help you experience safe mowing;
Survey the area to be mowed -You should check if there are stones or debris in the yard or the place you want to mow. Make sure the pets or children are not playing around when you are mowing.
Use a long Cord -You will need an extension cord if you want to mow the various part of your yard. You should make sure that the mower gotten is of the right size.
Electric mowers are water resistant -You don’t use your electric mower during rain or on wet grass. This can allow the grass to clog to the engine and allow it break down.
Not for Children to Use– The electric lawn mower is not a toy, and a toddler should not handle it. Electric mowers can electrocute the children or injure them. The kids should always be inside when using the electric mower.
Dressing– The rate at which the grass will be hitting your skin during the mowing will be surprising. Wear closed shoes, hand gloves, and shirt when mowing. You should avoid the use of sandal when mowing with the electric mower.
Check the Mower– Do a routine check of the mower before start mowing or using it. This will allow you to note the part of the mower that is at fault and work on them.

You will need an electric mower at home if you need to mow the grasses in your yards. They are environmentally safe, quiet and save cost in the long run in comparison with the gas mower counterpart. The different information provided in this review should be able to guide you on the type of lawn mower that will best suit your yard. Even if these mowers don’t release harmful exhaust to the atmosphere, they are still a perfect option for you if you want to save on gas or oil to power your gas lawnmower on the long run.

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Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews
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